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Adobe Touch Tablet Apps


Oct 6th 2011 at 11:16pm by Wayne Tempel

Wayne Tempel

Wayne Tempel is a freelance writer who has contributed to many articles on the web. You can follow him on Flipboard.

This is an overview of the newest line of apps made exclusively from Adobe. These apps have all been made using Adobe Air. This line is a part of what Adobe is calling the Adobe Creative Software, which will be made available through the Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe describes the Creative Cloud as a “worldwide hub for creativity, where millions can access desktop and tablet applications, find essential creative services, and share their best work”. These apps are truly amazing and innovative.


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This short summary of some of the apps that Adobe is releasing for tablets, to be used with the iOS and Android. Of these new tablet apps Adobe is releasing a touch version of Photoshop with touch based controls which have the ability to see photo layers in 3D. The new Photoshop has pressure sensitive controls for brushes and a lot of tablet only features.

In this line of creativity the Adobe Photoshop Touch has the ability of letting the user transform images with Photoshop features in an app that has been designed for tablets. It has some simple finger gestures that enables the user to combine multiple photos into layered images, apply edits and those professional touch ups. The tablet exclusive only feature Scribble Selection Tool allows the user to easily extract objects in an image by simply scribbling on what to keep and what to do away with.

Adobe Collage has the ability to combine images, drawings, text and Creative Suite files into modern mood boards. Some of the features include the ability of importing images, four customizable pen types for drawing, adding text, and applying color themes. Files can also be shared or transferred for access in Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Debut allows the user to present designs to clients from virtually anywhere. Adobe Debut uses tablet compatible versions of Creative Suite files for tablet viewing. It has Illustrator art boards as well. It has a markup pen tool to add notes and drawings on top of the work.


GiveMeApps News: Adobe Collage | GiveMeApps

Adobe Collage Lets You Combine Images, Text & More

Adobe Ideas is an easy as it comes, easy to master, vector-based tool for drawing. Either by using a finger or a stylus, the images that are made can be used in either Illustrator or Photoshop.

Adobe Kuler This app makes it easy to generate color themes that can inspire any design project. There are hundreds of thousands of Kuler themes already available via the creative community.

Adobe Pronto enables the user to have interactive development of wireframes and prototypes for websites and mobile apps on a tablet. Ideas can be shared and communicated with teams and clients using a touch based interface. You can quickly express a design concept, explain website structure or even demonstrate interactivity. It can be used with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and shared through popular browsers.  


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Adobe Touch Apps will be available for Android devices in November 2011. As for the iOS and the iPad, you will have to wait until early 2012, although Adobe Ideas is already available for the iPad. Introductory pricing for each app is US $9.99. Access to file sharing and the Creative Cloud is included with the purchase of each Adobe Touch App. Pricing for the Creative Cloud will be announced in November. These sound really interesting and intriguing.

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