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Textual Watch Face Android App Review


May 3rd 2015 at 10:25am

Innovation is required to keep people interested in old things that are taken for granted. Take television for example, Jimmy Fallon brought a whole new audience to late night television, an audience that had been dwindling for years. Digital readouts bought excitement to watch collectors during the late 70s and spawned an entire new generation of watch design. Texutal Watch Face, by Andreas Schosser brings that spirit to today’s smartphones and smartwatches by allowing you to view time in a new way.

Your Other Face

“It’s all in a name” is an old cliché that rings true with this app. Textual Watch Face is a widget that will allow you to read time using a text-based time representation. There are no hour, second hands or number here. The text read out ends up being exactly how you would read time aloud. 7:45 shows up as a “quarter to eight”. 5:30 shows up as a “half past five”. 5:31 shows up as “twenty-nine” to six and so on. Activating the widget is done the way you would with any other widget on your Android device.


Textual Watch face lets you choose two different shapes. Circular is best for smart watches, while Smartphone users may opt for the rectangle display. Eighteen different designs are included sporting different colors. Here you can find everything from black and grey, to blue and orange. Finally, you can choose from a number of different languages. English is the default language, but Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch are among the others that are supported.


Textual Watch Face will grab the attention of onlookers for sure, particularly if used with a smartwatch. Users who have little knowledge with activating widgets should brush up by reading one of the many online tutorials on how to do so. With many different designs, Textual Watch Face has the potential to be a real conversation starter.