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How to promote app?

Discuss anything related iOS (iPhone/iPad) apps and devices!

How to promote app?

Postby xiaodengzi » Wed Oct 22, 2014 8:41 am

What should a developer do after they have released a new app? I think it is a big question hassling most of the developers. Here I found a website that helps developers to promote their apps as a first step. That is

What can do for developers?
**Find developers real user to rate and write reviews for their apps. All you have to do is provide the iTunes link of your app. What is more , for the first time you can use first and pay them later. There is no harm to have a try. But take a notice, the reviews developers get are not all positive ones but the honest ones. The usres write reviews for apps according to their own true feelings. The reviews are verified in person before they are accepted.
**Gain great exposure on this site for free. You get your app featured on the front page of this site for free. What will a developer expect from a promotion? I think exposure is the one of the most important things.
** Enjoy email compaign for free. There are quite a lot of users subscribe the news letters form this site for the information of new and free apps. It is a good chance to get your app known by more people who are interested in.

Why is the first step for developers to promote their apps? There are two reasons. First, there is no chance for a new app to appeare on the front page of iTunes store. So with so many app (about 1600 or more) released every day, your newly released app just like a needle in the haystack. The chance that it can be found by a user is very low. But things get different when you have some reviews added on iTunes store. It makes your app stands out among other similar apps when users search for apps. Second, whether a users download apps largely decided by the reviews written by former users. There is no possibility for your app to be downloaded by users if there is no ratings or reviews. It is also very helpful for the following promotions.
Reviews are important as part of any marketing campaign to generate organic conversion for your app. I highly recommend Gnome Escape ( they have an established community of users who like to leave reviews and create user feedback for apps. There are many successful campaigns and the cost isn't prohibitive for developers to use and benefit from. The company is based in the US (Silicon Valley) and I know the founders very well from past projects.

These guys moderate their audience very well and enforce a strict code of valuable feedback (positive or negative) for your app. I've used some of the other services and have found that users often provide very brief feedback that isn't useful. They are also fairly expensive. Gnome Escape is a full fledged site with reviews, social features, etc., that creates exposure while you gain iTunes reviews.
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Joined: Wed Oct 22, 2014 8:35 am

Re: How to promote app?

Postby xiaodengzi » Mon Nov 24, 2014 7:42 am

Best Review App is a great community where buyers pay to receive honest reviews from real users. Having enough reviews helps the ranking of developers’ apps in the market, and it also attracts other users to try those applications. Once you have a good amount of reviews on your apps you will experience exponential growth. So it’s a good idea for apps to start with a couple of reviews when they first release. Otherwise they might face very slow download rates in the beginning. Best Review App is an easy way to get initial reviews for apps that have just been released and are slowly getting downloaded.
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Joined: Wed Oct 22, 2014 8:35 am

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